Whatever Happened to Annie Taylor Wenzel?

Annie Sarah (Or Sarah Ann) Taylor married Peter Wenzel in Dutchess County, New York about 1879. Annie was born in Safe Harbor, Pennsylvania about 1862 to Hellen Walker Taylor and the unknown Mr. Taylor (Harrison?).

Annie and Peter Wenzel had about 8 children, at least three survived; my grandmother Flora (Florence Sarah) being one of the first was born in 1882 in Poughkeepsie, New York, and the others were Carrie, who married Patrick Morris, and George.

Florence left home at about age 19 with William Carl Lieberknecht and was living in Jersey City, New Jersey where my mother, Ottilie, was born in 1908. Florence and William, along with Ottilie were in Detroit, MI in 1910 and in 1911 they arrived in Oxnard, California to stay with Annie and her new husband, Thomas W. Adams in the Adams rooming house. Barbara was born in Santa Barbara in September 1911. I have a photo of Ottilie and her sister, Barbara, in Oxnard with a woman who looks like Florence and might be Annie. They are on a breakwater and Ottilie looks to be around 8 years old. The woman must be Annie as she looks very much like Florence had looked at the same age. 

So, did Annie travel to California in 1916 with or to visit her daughter, Florence?

I am unable to find a death record in NY or a burial place for Annie. What happened to her? She does not appear in the 1910 NY Census. Peter is shown as a widower in that NY Census. They had a legal separation in 1892, which might have been considered a divorce.

Annie is my missing ancestor.

Annie with Barbara and Ottilie at a breakwater
Annie Taylor Adams with Barbara and Ottilie Lieberknecht

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