Annie is Still Missing in Action

Nothing has been found on any of the previously posted missing ancestors of mine. It has been a while since the last post, so I thought I’d better post something.

I thought I’d post the photo I described before for Annie Taylor Wenzel. It was taken at the breakwater in Oxnard or Santa Barbara in about 1916. I think I’d better check to see when the breakwater was built, as it may have been after 1916. If the woman is Annie, she would have been only 57 years old. She does look older in this photo. She does look like her daughter, Florence, at the same age, though. The two girls are her granddaughters, Audrey (Ottilie) and Barbara. The year of 1916 is a guess as Audrey looks to be about 8 and was born in 1908. Her sister, Barbara, was born in 1911 and looks to be around 5. Annie’s grandfather was MIA James R. Walker, and her father was MIA (Harrison?) Taylor. Annie is still MIA and so are her two ancestors. It must run in the family.

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