DNA Matches with Dickhart and Deckhart

There must have been a name change somewhere down the DICKHAUT line. It may have started in the descendant line of William Dickhaut’s brother, Herman. Even William didn’t use his own father’s surname, Dickhaut, but used his step-father’s surname, Lieberknecht. 

LIEBERKNECHT is my mother’s paternal line as William Dickhaut Lieberknecht was her father. Her birth name on her certificate is LIEB, as that was the nickname William used and the name he was known by with friends and even his partner, Florence, called him LIEB, not Bill or William. 

Was William ashamed of the Dickhaut name? He did use it on one marriage record stating that was his father’s name. His sister, Agnes, also used it on her marriage record as the surname of her father. His brother Herman used the surname Dickhaut most of the time. 

I do have DNA matches with both Dickhart and Deckhart. Dickhart is a confirmed descendant of Herman’s. Deckhart’s match is sketchy and not confirmed. 

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